4 New Year’s Resolutions for The Busy Broker

— Michele Watson

‘Tis the season to make those pesky New Year’s resolutions. We all make them, with varying degrees of success:

  1. I will lose 20 lbs by March
  2. I will get to the gym 3 times a week
  3. I will get up by 6 every morning and be early to work
  4. I will get to more of my daughter’s soccer games

But as a real estate broker, how about making some resolutions that, with just a little work and discipline, you can keep, and which will make a significant impact on your real estate team, your business and your quality of life? Here are a few suggestions from the team at Weichert®.

Discard The Distractions

Between the phone calls, never-ending emails, and relentless social media notifications we have become bogged down by distractions as a society. As a real estate broker, your focus is also threatened by various marketing gimmicks and contracts that fall into crises and need your expert influence. However, all of these distractions prove to be very costly over time. Studies show that when working on a particular task, it can take a full 20 minutes to get back to your most productive level after a distraction. To combat this, make it a priority to eliminate unnecessary notifications on your phone and install browser extensions like Forest which force you to stay focused on the task at hand.

Be Proactive About Your Own Development

There is nothing as stressful as waking up to the realization that your continuing education credits are due and there is no room in your schedule to get them done by the deadline. Of course, you have no choice but to make that your main priority; however, your business can definitely suffer a hit as a result. This year, make it a deliberate goal to get all of your CE credits done ahead of schedule, so that you can absorb the information at a realistic pace and continue on with business as usual. Put it on your 2020 calendar now.

Schedule Your Activities

It is one thing to set goals for your recruiting and production for the year. It is entirely different to map out exactly what activities you will need to make part of your routine to achieve them. Schedule them in for yourself. Most people report that they are more productive when time-blocking, so take back control of your schedule by blocking off the most appropriate times for lead generation, recruiting, business development, client education, etc.. Schedule your most daunting tasks first to set yourself up for a feeling of accomplishment that will power you through your other activities with ease.

Get Closer To Your Agents

With all of the day-to-day tasks that can consume your schedule as a broker, it is easy to become disconnected from your team. When scheduling your regular activities, factor in some quality time to continue developing your relationships with your agents on a personal level and as a team. Check-in with them to see where they are struggling, what they feel is working best within the brokerage, and where they believe there is room for improvement. These conversations will provide you with valuable insights on how you can continue to grow and attract similar agents in the year to come.
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