5 Real Estate Marketing Ideas for the Holidays

— Michele Watson

Marketing ideas for holiday party
Many real estate agents and brokers feel their business hits a lull during the holiday season, when people are more focused on priorities other than buying or selling a house. In addition to using this slower period to plan for the year ahead, you can use it as an opportunity to reconnect with your network and show them how much they mean to you. Here are some ways that you can build upon your relationships during the holidays to increase your brand value and plant seeds for the year ahead.

Host A Holiday Client Appreciation Party

‘Tis the season for parties! One of the best ways that you can get some face-to-face time with your team, clients, and referral partners is to host an annual client appreciation party during the holidays. While the main point of this event is for you to strengthen the relationships that empower your business, there are opportunities for you to market your brand as well. Set up a holiday photo booth with props and encourage guests to post their photos to social media with a branded hashtag. You could also hire a professional photographer to take fun candid’s of the party to use in your social media marketing. This shows the world how much you care about the people of your community; not just the houses they live in. Don’t forget to write a press release and publish photos on your social pages.

Send A Personalized Holiday Card

Holiday cards are a long-celebrated tradition. Although it may be easier to send out a standard card to everyone, your efforts will go a lot farther if you write a personal message in each one. It doesn’t have to belong, but it should reflect your appreciation for their contribution to your business. It also never hurts to share an inside joke or pleasant memory if you can. Again, this is not about directly soliciting business, but leveraging the law of reciprocity to your advantage.

Write Holiday Themed Blog Posts

Themed blog posts are often some of the most popular of the entire year. While helpful tips about how to make it through the holidays or holiday decorations are always popular, why not take a more hyperlocal approach? Offer a local holiday shopping guide profiling the mom-and-pop shops that make your neighborhood so great. Local restaurants and other businesses with holiday specials work, too. A list of the best holiday-themed events in your market will also be a big hit. Themed hyperlocal posts like these increase your SEO reach, position you as a local expert, and generate loads more traffic by being so shareable on social media. Don’t forget to include hyperlocal and holiday-themed hashtags to help expand your reach with every post a bit further.

Give Back To Those That Need It Most

Although you should be giving back to charity and your community throughout the year, the holidays are certainly one of the most heart-warming times to do it. There are countless ways that you can deepen your connection with the community while doing good. Food, coat, and toy drives at your office offer the opportunity to get some facetime with people that wish to join your cause. By having the collection point at your office, you can get priceless face to face time with your clients as well. You could also organize a team of caroling agents to visit homeless shelters and aging communities where holiday cheer could use a boost. For a more hands-on approach, consider gathering volunteers for Habitat for Humanity or local soup kitchens. Social media posts, blogs, and videos are a great way to show the positive impact of giving back during the holidays and showcase your dedication to the community.

Host A Home Decorating Contest

On the lighter side, you can start an annual home decorating contest. Encourage your network and social audience to submit their most festive rooms or exterior decorations for the chance to win a prize. Consider enlisting your networking group and/or other local small businesses to provide prizes and encourage them to promote the contest. To expand your reach further, consider making it a requirement that they like your page, share your post, or subscribe to your newsletter in order to enter. Announce the winners during a Facebook Live event and don’t forget to tag everyone involved in the contest for even more free exposure.

At the Holidays, Keep it Real

The holidays are a wonderful opportunity for you to take stock of your production, set new goals, and reconnect with the people that have enabled you to get where you are today. Although it is wise to continue marketing yourself during the final months of the year to keep your pipeline full, it is important to be tactful and lead with reciprocity. Strike a balance in your marketing strategy by investing the time in your relationships with the community and leveraging online channels to promote your dedication.

At Weichert, we believe the real estate business is based on personal relationships and is the driving force behind all the tools and systems we develop and prescribe for our affiliates. If this sounds like it would be a fit with your brokerage, go to to learn more about a franchise opportunity.

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