Are You Using 3D Tours? Now Is the Right Time to Try Them

— Michele Watson

Although we may never have imagined how the world would be impacted by COVID-19, one thing that is for sure is that the real estate industry has reacted dynamically. One of the most obvious ways in which real estate agents and brokers have had to pivot during this challenging time is to go from making virtual and 3D tours a nice-to-have to a necessity in marketing listings. In fact, even buyer agents are finding themselves giving virtual tours of listings. If you’ve never used it as part of your marketing strategy, now might be the time to look into this technology. They may become a staple long after restrictions subside. Here are a few reasons why the experts at Weichert believe they should become an ongoing staple in your business.

How COVID-19 Has Changed The Status Quo

Before the outbreak, adding virtual or 3D tours using technology by companies like Matterport or Ricoh Tours to let buyers tour the property was a luxury. However, the cost of producing these and the equipment needed has become fairly reasonable and there is no reason not to use it. Most brokers who have invested in them will speak to the positive impact they can have on the ability to deal with an increasingly virtual real estate industry.
What are the upsides? By being able to share the tour digitally on social media and email, you can increase overall exposure for the property. You can also reach potential buyers who may normally not have been able to attend an open house due to distance or scheduling conflicts. Because 3D tours give viewers a better idea of the space and flow of the home vs. still photography alone, viewers will get a better idea of whether a particular property is really a potential match for them. This also helps make the process more efficient, so you are spending additional time showing the property only to those who are most serious about it.

What Should You Include in Your 3D Tours?

Just like with any piece of marketing material, 3D tours are not all created equally. If you really want your virtual and 3D tours to spark deals, you need to be strategic with them. Just like when you are taking professional photos, make sure the home is staged properly and free of clutter. Make sure to capture all the best aspects of the home, including the exterior. Here are some other things to include in your tours to increase viewership and conversion rates:

Give Them a Reason to Watch: When promoting the tour, make sure you include reasons for people to watch or engage. In this, there is an art to really paring down the excitement of the listing to a soundbite which is something most agents are well acquainted with doing. Let potential viewers know what they will learn during the tour and how they will benefit from the tour. You may even want to host a contest and announce the winner during the tour if you elect to do a live version.

Promote Lifestyle Benefits: Rather than just listing off the characteristics of the property, let your narration explain how the property provides a specific type of lifestyle. Don’t just tell them what the house has, but showcase how they benefit from what the house has.

Provide a Call-To-Action: Make sure you include a strategic and easy call-to-action at the end of the tour. This could be to schedule a private tour, contact you for questions or anything else you want the viewers to do next.

How To Get More Leverage With 3D Tours

Just because you may be hosting your virtual tour on one platform does not mean that you shouldn’t also use it on others. Share your tour to all of your social media accounts, a blog post about the listing, your email newsletter, and any other marketing materials you produce for the property. Furthermore, you can give your tours a popularity boost by including relevant hashtags along with your posts on social media and boosting these posts on Facebook.
While it is still uncertain how much longer it will be until people are comfortable freely going in and out of properties again to view them, you can be sure the use of 3D and virtual tours are here to stay. The brokerages that adapt will become stronger as a result. Weichert and its affiliates know first-hand how important it is to evolve sales practices and adopt new technologies as they become available. It keeps the entire team ahead of its competition while empowering them to do more.

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