Creating A Brokerage Team That Works

— Michele Watson

As an experienced real estate broker, you already know it can be challenging to strike a balance between profitable camaraderie among your agents and loyalty to your mission. Many agents prefer to maintain a strong sense of independence and work on their own, but you can foster a more productive work environment if you can inspire them to work together with you at the helm. This may seem like a case of easier said than done, but with the right vision, this cultural shift pays big dividends in lead generation, customer service and recruiting.

The Benefits of Uniting Your Team

At Weichert, we coach our affiliates on cultivating a supportive and cohesive team strategy within a brokerage, which allows agents to work independently, as well as together constructively with you as their leader. Hosting weekly sales meetings, planning brokerage community events that involve your agents and having regular awards and recognition are three easy ways to engage agents with the brokerage. This kind of team strategy can bring about many productive benefits.

Capitalize on Agents’ Strengths: Consumers expect a lot from agents and working together as a team allows each agent to leverage one another’s strengths to put their best foot forward in the overall sales process. This typically will deliver a result that thrills the client and creates a positive impression of your brokerage.

Collaboration: When you bring your agents together to brainstorm, your agents can develop creative solutions to everyday marketing and sales challenges and spark unique ideas to help your brokerage stand out from the competition.

Avoid Agent Burnout: Agents can take vacations or get assistance from team members when needed which will help them avoid costly burnout. Working together as a team will allow your agents to attain that desirable work-life balance that inspired many of them to become agents in the first place and increase their loyalty to you.

Improved Customer Service: As a broker, it is your job to both generate leads for your team and ensure those leads are properly nurtured. Getting agents onboard with following a consistent selling and marketing strategy will ensure clients get a consistent level of service and experience.

Start from The Ground Up – Recruiting

When recruiting agents and administrative staff, make sure that they are aligned with your brokerage’s vision and values, are able to contribute something valuable as a team member and are an overall good fit with the team. At Weichert, we encourage our Affiliates to adopt our Core Values and recruit agents with similar values. It is crucial that you set clear expectations about your company culture from the very beginning to avoid costly turnover. Building an agent team that is all rowing in the same direction will not only make for a stronger brokerage, but will also act as a magnet to attract more similar members.

Generate Leads as A Group

Just because every agent in your brokerage is working to generate leads for themselves doesn’t mean that they can’t feed off one another to be more effective during the lead generation process. Getting everyone together to door knock or make calls or strategize on the marketing of a home, is a powerful way of getting agents motivated and excited to do the activities that lead to productivity. To add an element of fun, consider hosting a competition among those that participate. Awarding prizes for the agents that produce the best results during these power-hour sessions helps to drive productivity even further.

Creating a team that really gels inside your brokerage is a challenging, but rewarding, activity. If like Weichert, you believe that creation of a good team and a good culture is central to your success, then we encourage you to learn more about the benefits of becoming an Affiliate.

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