Don’t knock it: Tips for successful door-to-door prospecting

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(Cue sound of a doorbell ringing. Door opens.) Hello! It’s us, your friends at Weichert®. We’re here with a few tips to help you utilize real estate door-to-door prospecting to generate new business. Is this something you might be interested in?

If you’re rolling your eyes and thinking that door knocking is an old-fashioned real estate prospecting tactic, think again. Weichert® is about to show you otherwise. Our agents across the nation know that the art of going door to door—when done strategically—is a valuable, human-centric approach for generating new business.

The following best practices will help you master this classic prospecting tactic.


Going out this Saturday to ring a few bells? Great! But hold on for just a minute before you head out. To take on real estate door to door like a champ, you need to plan ahead.


  • Take a trick-or-treat approach. Going out with the goal of ringing as many random bells as possible is like a kid trying to fill their bag with candy on Halloween.
  • Assume that you can “wing” your conversation. We’ve all been there, including the most seasoned brokers and agents. We think we know what we want to say, but the words don’t always come out right, especially when you’re standing on someone’s doorstep.


  • Plan for quality over quantity. Identify a geo farming radius based on a few select ZIP codes, or even just one ZIP. Tap into warm leads, such as the neighbors on the block where you just sold a home. Take notice of homes with unkempt lawns or that look in ill-repair. These might be subtle signs that the homeowner is ready to or needs to consider selling.
  • Prepare a great script. This informative article from The Close features a curation of pro scripts, from general and simple, to farm-area focused. Think of the script as your tool and the conversation itself as your art. Finetuning value-driven conversations between agent and customer/prospect is a big part of the Weichert That’s why our training always includes role play exercises to help agents get more comfortable with dialoguing. A great script will then help keep you on course.
  • Find your value prop. Once you’ve narrowed down your key targets, think about what value proposition you’ll deliver. Remember, an open door is literally an opening for conversation, so think about what matters to them, not you. A simple “WIIFM” message (What’s In It For Me) is sure to grab attention.
    • Example: Your neighbor’s home just sold for $XXK over asking, and I have at least three or four customers right now who are eager to buy a home in your area. 
  • Create a powerful, branded leave-behind. Whether the door opens or not, you’ll want to leave something with the homeowner. It should have your name, contact info, and a key message. Keep it short and sweet. A flyer, door hanger, or business card are all effective tactics.



  • Stand too close to the door. Whether the homeowner is looking through a glass pane, or previewing live video from a smart doorbell, make sure you provide enough space so they can see you. Back away a few feet to create a non-threatening posture for opening the door.
  • Go inside. For your own safety, remain at the doorstep.
  • Pitch to whoever opens the door. A minor, babysitter, or Uncle Charlie could have answered the door. Make sure you’re speaking with the homeowner by asking for confirmation. Hello, are you Mrs. X? If the homeowner is unavailable, drop off your leave-behind and head out.
  • Be too pushy. If you can get someone’s contact information and a little information about their current housing needs, then consider it a major win. Just get enough that you can follow up and start building a relationship based on their specific needs.





  • Go follow-up crazy. When it comes to taking next steps beyond the door, find the balance between being proactive and overly zealous. It’s important to stay top of mind without being a pest.
  • Decide that it didn’t work. Door knocking is not for the faint of heart. You have to be persistent, and a little grit goes a long way. Plus, it’s a great way to stand out from the competition because not everyone is willing to do it.



  • Integrate with digital marketing. Once you’ve tapped into the power of this traditional prospecting technique, integrate it with your digital marketing for a one-two prospecting punch. For example, send a follow-up email, inviting the homeowner to an upcoming open house down the block.
  • Track your progress. Keep copious notes about how many homes you visited in a month and the types of responses you received. This will help refine your plan of attack next time. You can also note details, like the day of the week, time slots, and weather. You may find that a rainy Sunday afternoon is your optimal time for knocking on doors.


Remember—successful door knocking for real estate prospecting requires persistence and a thoughtful plan. In an era of tech and artificial intelligence, it’s a welcome gateway to human interaction. There’s nothing like connecting with your future customer face-to-face.

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