Effectively Working The Lead Funnel In Real Estate

— Michele Watson

In the world of real estate lead generation, there is no magic bullet. Brokers know that having a healthy lead funnel is all about leveraging many different channels, online and offline mediums, and both traditional and cutting-edge, digital methods. To do this effectively it helps to have a system that allows you to oversee lead generation activity both at the brokerage and the agent level and to help your agents assemble a variety prospecting activities at all stages, so they are not simply waiting for the phone to ring. Here are some tactics to consider from the experts at Weichert franchising.

Inbound Vs. Outbound

While both inbound and outbound marketing can be extremely effective, it is important to understand the difference between the two and how they are best implemented. It’s also important to have a good mix to reach consumers at various points of their journey.
Inbound marketing tactics like online advertising, search engine optimization, social promotion and social advertising, real estate websites and content marketing and newsletters are all designed to get in front of prospects and help them find their way to you when they are ready to make a move.

By contrast, outbound marketing tactics are those you use to actively go out and find prospects. Examples are direct mailers, door knocking and door hangers, phone calls, email campaigns and open houses.

It’s important to encourage your agents to employ a mixture of both and arm them with a mix tools and resources to reach leads in all parts of the sales funnel. This will help them keep their pipeline full. Weichert for instance, gives its brokerages access to a technology package that includes an advanced real estate CRM and a suite of professionally designed and branded marketing templates for all kinds of outreach – direct mail, door knocking, social media and more. Offering an online marketing center to your agents to be able to customize these materials will save them the time of trying to create them on their own. That’s time they can be spending on lead contact and closing deals. Weichert also offers coaching and tips for social media, creating content, provides a full open house system and has a variety of vendor partnerships to support any of their inbound marketing needs.

In order to maximize your marketing ROI, be sure that you educate your team and coach them on their activity using inbound and outbound marketing tactics. Encourage them to implement the best of both with regularity and efficiency.

How To Create Diversity In Your Funnels

At this point, you probably already have a few marketing campaigns working for you. One of the easiest ways to ensure diversity within your funnels is to identify whether you are currently focused on inbound or outbound methods. If you are too heavily weighted in one area, consider adding more of the opposite style to your approach. For example, if you are primarily generating leads by sending direct-mail postcards and cold-calling, you may want to consider starting a real estate blog or podcast where you share valuable advice with the community about the community and promote it heavily on your social channels. If you are only advertising online, start looking into other ways that you can build relationships with leads offline like charity work or sponsorship. Both agents and brokers need to be visibly present in the life of the community and not shy away from talking on social media about it.

The Value Of Proven Methods

If you are like most brokers, helping your agents strike the perfect balance between inbound and outbound marketing to create diversity within an overall marketing strategy can be a challenge. When you partner with a franchisor, like Weichert, you plug into proven systems already in place to support a variety of marketing tactics and can offer your agents polished professional tools ready to go to save both of you the time it would take to create on your own. The value of a proven system like Weichert is that it can help you implement activities in your brokerage that work, avoid time-wasting experiments and make the regular execution of sales activities much more effective and efficient to lead to a greater level of results.

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