Five steps to prepare for real estate spring selling season

— Weichert Franchise

What’s in store for the real estate market this spring selling season? On one hand, experts predict that an increase in mortgage rates could slow things down as compared to spring 2021. On the other hand, home construction is projected to remain strong in 2022, since inventory is still in short supply. Additionally, home buyers will be on the lookout for buying opportunities while the interest rates are still low.

So for brokers and agents, spring 2022 looks both promising and hectic. But being prepared in advance can go a long way in generating new leads, coming up with new listing ideas, and creating new marketing opportunities.

Here are five ways to gear up for selling success this spring.

Make a good listing presentation

As the weather warms up, a new mix of homebuyers will start entering the market—making spring the ideal time for your agents to add new clients to their rosters. And a strong listing presentation can be a powerful tool for pitching an agent’s services and making those important connections. The more communicative and efficient a listing presentation is, the faster the jump from prospect to client. And tailoring the presentation to address a client’s specific needs is a crucial part of planning a listing presentation.

Weichert makes its DOORS listing presentation accessible to franchise companies. It’s an easy-to-use template that ensures their agents are making a consistent, professional, and compelling sales pitch. And combined with Weichert’s robust training resources, DOORS sets both new and experienced agents up for a successful presentation, every time.

Buyer consultation

According to the National Association of Realtors, 93% of home buyers consider an agent’s knowledge of the home buying process before signing with them. A buyer consultation is a great way for agents to showcase their expertise, learn about their clients’ preferences, and educate them around the buying process. This not only allows agents to effectively plan showings, it also reduces the time it takes to close a deal—both of which are crucial in a low-inventory market.

Weichert has created a buyer consultation presentation designed to help agents establish themselves as clients’ go-to resource, obtain exclusive buyer agency agreements, expedite financial qualification, and set expectations around the current market. We’ve also developed training around making the most of the buyer consultation presentation, including a dialogue book available to help guide the conversation.

Continue to show up

Spring 2021 witnessed record-breaking home buyer demand. As we move into spring 2022 the demand is likely to persist, driven by an increase in mortgage rates in the coming year. As homebuyers look to close deals while the rates are still low, agents should focus on attracting new buyers and sellers. Maintaining existing relationships will often open doors to other leads. And maintaining a strong presence in your area—especially through open houses—is another great way to make new connections.

We recently shared how to manage time between prospecting and real estate servicing to generate new leads. Staying connected to past clients is an efficient way to generate referrals. Constant valuable communication with new leads is also important as it symbolizes that you are there for them when they need you and adds value to your service.

Utilize the tools at your disposal

Generating leads, maintaining client communications, and balancing your list of prospects and clients can be a daunting task. But as the real estate industry goes digital, more and more technology has become available to make completing those tasks faster and easier.

We believe in leveraging all the digitals tools that are available to us as brokers and agents—which is why we’ve invested in providing our brokers and agents with myWeichert, powered by kvCORE. Our revolutionary platform enables you to engage customers automatically, generate more listings and leads, keep a pulse on the state of your business, and empower your recruiting.

Refresh your listing ideas and marketing

As the demographic of homebuyers shifts towards millennials, you’ll need to rethink your strategies for marketing and listing properties. More and more people are using digital channels to scout home buying opportunities and prefer virtual showings over traditional face-to-face ones. In an oversaturated digital space, you’ll have to find innovative listing ideas to gain traction, such as going live on social media to showcase properties or even holding digital open houses.

At Weichert, we give you the tools to take your marketing to the next level. We have every kind of resource imaginable, including personal branding packages, social media and marketing assets, custom listing presentations, weekly webinars on trending industry topics, and customizable marketing materials. But perhaps our biggest value is the support we provide through our business coaches and mentors and peer networking opportunities.

The Weichert team and the tools that we provide can help you prepare for the spring real estate season. Whether it’s prospecting, creating listings, accessing a powerful CRM, or training courses, we have it all and we would love to talk about it in more detail with you. Contact Weichert today!

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