Five ways to boost agent recruitment

— Weichert Franchise

Since our founding, a sharp focus on agent recruitment has been central to our success. Instead of an afterthought, it’s an integral part of the training we provide brokers so they’re well versed in finding, managing, and developing their people.

Why? Because the growth of Weichert affiliates depends on talented agents. Our leading affiliates, no matter their region, know exactly how to nurture new team members, retain top producers, and create a culture of genuine support.

If you’re struggling to make recruitment a priority, here are five tips to help you focus on this essential driver of revenue growth.

Define your values –– clearly

Now more than ever, people want to work for companies that share their values. Even as independent contractors, agents are heavily influenced by the workplace culture you establish and foster.

As a family-owned business, Weichert is a brand that attracts agents who enjoy lots of open communication, robust support, and a real investment in their success. It’s not the right fit for everyone, but for agents who thrive in a close-knit culture, it’s a mutually beneficial partnership that can really go the distance.

So, what does your brand stand for? What’s your value proposition? Why would an agent join your team? Whatever promise you’re making to agents should be reflected in the marketing campaigns, social media posts, and conversations you have with candidates. What you stand for should never be a mystery. It should speak loudly and clearly so that agents who best fit your brand will be drawn to your door.

Nurture your newbies

While it’s wonderful to attract experienced agents, it’s equally important to win over novice recruits who are willing to learn and be open to your guidance. Millennials, in particular, value a collaborative work environment where ideas are exchanged freely and they’re able to contribute in meaningful ways from day one.

Reaching out to new agents will set you apart from firms that show little interest in them in the early phase of their career, no matter what age they start. Through our marketing campaigns and in-person meetings, we make sure new agents can see:

  • Weichert’s commitment to education and training, which the best new agents are eager to embrace and makes them feel more secure knowing someone has their back as they get started
  • How our inbound marketing strategy works around the clock to create brand awareness, educate and entertain prospects, and attract new business for all agents no matter their level of experience
  • That our workplace is a collaborative, rather than competitive, environment where agents and managers support one another and celebrate shared successes

Show off your wares

Have you invested heavily in technology? Is your training top notch? Don’t be shy about showing it off!

Knowing how many independent brokerages are struggling with technology, we often showcase our industry-leading tools such as myWeichert powered by kvCORE CRM platform that has become the engine of our productivity.

One of the biggest draws for independent brokers is the money they can save on Weichert resources, which are already sourced, refined, and ready to go. Instead of continually researching and experimenting with new tools, Weichert affiliates can hit the ground running.

Adopt a growth mindset

As a broker, you have sales targets to meet, but that’s not what motivates people. Transforming those numbers into meaningful goals can help agents get fully engaged in your vision.

How do you stack up against local competition? What will it take to move the needle? Your enthusiasm for achieving victories as a team –– plus plenty of recognition for the role agents play –– can keep your whole team aiming towards bigger and better achievements.

One way to nurture growth is by sharing leads, which is a great way to support new agents, grow your business, and boost retention. By sharing leads, you’re also showing agents your best lead-generation techniques. This kind of openness typically pays dividends in the long run. Not to mention it provides you with an alternate revenue stream.

Consider joining Weichert!

We may be biased, but we’ve seen how quickly brokers can grow their businesses with a structured focus on recruitment. Dennis Murphy, a Weichert affiliate since 2015, grew his team significantly by prioritizing the recruitment of both new and experienced agents and making the most of our:

  • Professional presentation decks for career events that convey a clear value proposition
  • Robust social media recruitment campaigns, which speak to agents where they spend so much time
  • Tools and technologies that attract top talent, such as myWeichert®
  • Polished sales sheets, brochures, videos, and agent sample packages

Above all, agent recruitment should be as integral a part of your business planning as your accounting procedures and advertising spend. And while attrition is unavoidable, a solid recruitment strategy can minimize the impact of these losses, help you recover quickly, and ensure that your best agents have every reason to stay.

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