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— Weichert Franchise

Agents everywhere should be excited: There’s a brand-new way to generate real estate leads in your area –– with Google Local Services ads (LSAs).

The same way Google Flights is transforming air travel leads, LSAs are changing the way clients find real estate professionals. With a quick search, Google is helping travelers find flights, book directly through the airline, and still enjoy great perks like frequent flyer miles. 

When it comes to Google and real estate lead generation, the perks can be a game changer. 

Instead of houses, people find agents –– a first in search engine history. Instead of wading through ads and brokerage websites, people land on your profile. Instead of just buyers, you’re introduced to sellers who are ready to list. Sound exciting? 

With so much buzz around the spring selling season, inventory shortages, and the advent of agent LSAs, we invited real estate trainer Brian Icenhower to share some insights. Speaking to Weichert agents from coast to coast, the enthusiasm was contagious. 

Here are some key takeaways from Brian’s talk:  

  • Today, when you google “find a lawyer (or landscaper or accountant) near me,” Google Local Services ads appear at the very top of your screen. “Google Screened” and customer-ranked, these ads deliver instant credibility. 
  • LSAs link to an agent’s Google Business Profile so it’s important to make sure that photos, maps, website links, and contact information are all up to date. 
  • Reviews matter a lot, but location matters even more. Why? Because Google prioritizes hyper-local services. So, adding a second business address (a home office or a preferred lender, for example) will ensure that you’re covered by a 30-mile radius. 
  • When prospects call, they’re connected through Google Voice. Agents are only charged if the call lasts 30 seconds or longer.
  • While LSAs run $20 to $30 per lead (higher than other lead generators), 60 to 70 percent are listing leads.
  • Since adding themselves to LSAs, Brian’s real estate clients are getting listing appointments every two days on average. 

How to get started

It’s super easy! 

  • Call customer service and sign up. Google will verify your license, insurance, location, and other important credentials. 
  • The whole process may take a couple of weeks, so get started today. 

The bottom line? While your sphere of influence is essential and always will be, the truth is, not everyone wants to work with someone they know. The property may be out of town. Clients may prefer an agent who’s eager to earn their business, instead of a casual acquaintance. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of privacy.

As with Amazon, it’s sellers who show up first with the best reviews who win business. Real estate marketing is following suit. With LSAs, your warmest real estate leads will find you within seconds. 

“We love providing affiliates with innovative ideas for staying ahead of the curve,” says Bill Scavone. “Plus, finding new ways to showcase our value proposition to brokers and real estate clients is a huge win.”

At Weichert, we’re always on the cutting edge of new technology. We’re proud of our partnership with Brian and other industry experts and we’d love to partner with you! To hear what’s on the horizon and how we can help you grow your business, reach out today. 

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