Hit Your Agent Recruiting Goal Next Year With These 3 Tips.

— Michele Watson

Weichert Real Estate Agent Recruiting
2020 is finally upon us and just like most successful real estate brokers, you are probably bursting with motivation to make this year your best yet. It probably also means that your mind is constantly filled with thoughts about recruiting and how you can accomplish significant goals for expansion over the next 12 months. You may even be feeling slightly discouraged if you came up short on your recruitment goals for this year. Don’t worry because the team at Weichert has the know-how to help you recruit the agents you need to support your business this coming year and rise to a new level of real estate stardom in your market.

Immerse Yourself In The Community

You can’t expect to attract many new agents without your brokerage being a prolific member of the community. The more opportunities that you seize to host events, get involved in charitable works, partner with other businesses, and network with like-minded people, the more brand awareness you will achieve. Your goal here is to make your brokerage synonymous with the area you serve, so that when agents think of your market, they automatically think of you as the most active brokerage in the area, and thus the one most likely to facilitate their success.

Become The Go-To Educational Resource

Agents crave education and support from their broker, so by regularly hosting classes, webinars, and publishing content that will help them grow, you can improve your current team’s production and create buzz on the streets that will attract motivated agents. When it comes to hosting educational or recruiting events, think practically. Rather than hosting your events during the day when most people are otherwise busy, hold them in the evenings to increase attendance. You should also invest in proactively marketing these events on websites like Eventbrite, in your social media and in your conversations with agents. While in many ways agents act like standalone businesses, the more you demonstrate your leadership, expertise, and willingness to give back through education, the more agents will be eager to park their desk inside your brokerage.

Have Materials That Keep You Top of Mind

Agents that are considering you brokerage are eager to understand what makes you different and how your model can benefit them. Face to face meetings are always best, but make sure you are armed with takeaway materials for those you come in contact with that they can digest later and also serve a reminder of your meeting. Whether its flyers, simple brochure or a recruiting card distributed at a career fair or a more detailed piece for a targeted recruit. Help them remember you when they leave the meeting. Gather testimonials from your existing agents to promote on social media. Promote activities that your agents participate in as a team, such as charitable drives and social events to show off your awesome culture. Create video testimonials of your current agents discussing the benefits of joining your brokerage and share them on your website, YouTube, and social media accounts for prospects to see.

Implement Proven Systems & Processes To Meet Your Recruiting Goals

So whether you’re targeting 5, 10 or 25 agents, you can hit your number with the right infrastructure in place. Just ask our Weichert brokers! The challenge is to create the recruiting systems, activities and tools needed to meet your business goals. It can also be daunting when you don’t have the tools and technology behind you to offer agents a reason to join your brokerage. Affiliating with a brand like Weichert can provide you with support in both areas. With our proven recruiting system, coupled with a full suite of recruiting materials and our package of marketing tools, training, technology support and lead sources, you’ll have everything you need to grow your agent base and your overall business.

Learn more about how the Weichert system can set you on your way to recruiting for the next level of success.

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