Holiday prospecting myths, busted

— Weichert Franchise

The year-end holidays are fast approaching, often distracting people from their day-to-day routines. What a terrible time for real estate prospecting—or is it? Weichert® is about to bust open some holiday prospecting myths with ideas that will help you generate new business.

Myth: People are too stressed out this time of year

Well, yes, maybe we are all feeling a little on edge these days. With so much to do between now and New Year’s, who would possibly be open to hearing a real estate prospecting pitch? You’d be surprised. The festive mood is upon us, and it can trickle down into a prospect’s willingness to engage with you. People are typically in a good mood and may be feeling hopeful about the year ahead. Take advantage of this holiday spirit and strike up conversations wherever and whenever you can. 

Knowing that people’s hearts may be more open, be sure to make the conversations fit the mood. Lead your conversations and communications with warmth, keep family and community top of mind, and remember grace and gratitude as you share something about yourself. Genuine warm and fuzzies can make all the difference in engaging in a real way with potential new business. As we say at Weichert, people “buy” people before anything else. This is a time of year when new prospects may be more open to getting to know you.

Myth: People are not home

According to a US passport and travel organization, travel to a destination 50 miles or more away increases by 54% over Thanksgiving weekend and only by 23% during Christmas and New Year’s. These statistics underscore that people are home during the holidays. Therefore, this could be a great time to reach out to prospects with some extra personalized touchpoints. 

Imagine sending out handwritten—yes, handwritten—holiday cards or letters. You can also drop off holiday care packages at doorsteps to your client base. (These people are your best means for referrals, so the holidays are the perfect time to keep them in mind!) You can also spend a day making cold calls. Then follow up with a personalized email suggesting a mid- to late-January reconnect. Customers will likely appreciate that you’ve made an initial outreach, but you’re respecting their time with families and friends throughout the holidays.

Myth: Deals don’t close around the holidays

This is not always true. Put feelers out to your existing client base with the intention of identifying a new client who would want to take advantage of buying or selling a home during the holidays. For one, there’s typically less competition during this time, therefore there’s more negotiating power. There are also tax benefits to think about. Buyers who can close on their mortgages before the end of the year may be eligible to write off mortgage interest costs and property taxes come April.

Even if this time of year slows down, you can still shift the emphasis from closing deals to planting seeds with future customers. A December planting means you can start nurturing in January with the aim of closing a deal in the year ahead.

Myth: People aren’t attending open houses

On the contrary, an open house can provide winter house hunters with a place to escape the cold, depending on your location. You can also attract relocation buyers, who may be visiting family in the area and most likely don’t have a local agent they’re working with. If you’re able to host an open house during the holidays, make it feel extra cozy and inviting. Add curb appeal with a tasteful wreath on the front door, light the fireplace for warmth and ambiance, and offer homemade holiday treats that taste as good as they smell.  

Myth: Traditional marketing is your best approach 

This is not to say that you shouldn’t keep up with your tried-and-true marketing plan, especially if it’s working. However, the holiday season is an opportune time to think a little differently about real estate prospecting. New business leads can be found at community events, holiday parties, and decorating events—you just need to be at those events! Reply “yes” to RSVPs, and network with the intention of chatting and establishing more personal relationships with people. These holiday gatherings can be viewed as another marketing channel that you add to your mix this time of year.

Your real estate prospecting, whether it’s around the holidays or throughout the year, can always lead to success. It’s all about your approach and the partnerships you lean on. Weichert is always here for you. Contact us today to learn more about our franchise opportunities. 

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