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— Michele Watson

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Although virtual networking certainly isn’t new to the real estate industry, it has gone from being an underutilized tactic to the norm, thanks to social distancing. Unless you want the world to pass you by, you have no choice, but to keep up with connections, and make new ones, virtually. From vendors, referral partners, to your sphere, there are lots of ways to stay in touch, meet new people and get conversations going. This trend is not likely to go away any time soon, either. It’s important more than ever to make yourself visible online. The experts at Weichert share tactics to take and mistakes to avoid. By the end of this post, you will be ready to virtually network your way to success in real estate.

Make Sure Your Profiles Are Up to Date

Preparation is key when it comes to being successful at virtual networking. That means that you need to invest the time to perfect and polish the profiles you have on any of the platforms you plan to use, like Facebook or LinkedIn, or even on group forums that you join. If you aren’t sure what it takes to get your profile up to snuff, consider consulting an expert on the platform you want to use. There are a lot of online tutorials as well. In most cases, your profile will be the first impression someone has of you, so you want to make sure that your profile looks interesting and professional enough for someone to want to connect with you. Weichert values the importance of writing a good bio and creating a personal brand. It provides many different tools to help create those things that can then be used across any platform or vehicle you use.

Seek Out the People and Groups That Will Be of Value to You

Much of your success in virtual networking will depend on the people you include in your network. This does not always translate to quantity. First, you should begin by connecting with everyone you know that has a profile on that platform. Many networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook, make this easy by allowing you to sync with your contacts to connect. Next, make a list of all of the types of people that you want to network with on the site. Common selections for agents and brokers might include:

  • Professional vendors, like home inspectors and real estate photographers
  • Referral partners like the title companies and lenders
  • Potential clients
  • Other local business owners that interact with the above people

It helps to set goals for yourself on how many people you want to connect with on a weekly basis. Aim to connect with a steady mix of each type of target.
Look for groups on Facebook or LinkedIn that you can join that are in the same business, related business or within your community. These are great places to make valuable new contacts, give and get referrals, as well as a place to go to share advice, ask questions and read how others may be handling challenges similar to yours. Many of them may hold frequent virtual meetings or webinars where you can interact “face-to-face” or be part of the conversation through comments during the meeting. Be sure to participate in these opportunities. It’s a good virtual way to stay connected, make new connections, and feel less like you are on an island.

Always Lead with Altruism

The biggest trick to being successful with virtual networking is to lead all of your communications with altruism. The more value that you deliver to others, the more inclined they will be to return the favor. For example, if you are using LinkedIn, you should be liking and commenting on others’ posts, starting valuable conversations, offering good advice and endorsing them for their chosen skills. You might even offer to write them a recommendation. If you are part of a networking group on Facebook, be active in commenting and sharing what you’ve found to work well. Compliment good ideas. Celebrate in the accomplishments of others. Be willing to participate in group think tanks. You should always think of virtual networking the same way you would building personal relationships.

Integrating Virtual Networking

Once you discover just how powerful and fast virtual networking can be, you might find yourself overwhelmed with all of the appointments, notes, and new connections you receive. But make sure you keep track of everything! Otherwise you may let valuable opportunities fall through the cracks and will reverse all the previously positive results. Utilize versatile tools like your CRM to keep your contacts organized.

How Affiliation Can Offer Multiple Connections in One Place

Weichert affiliates have the benefit of a coaching and service team at their disposal that is well versed in how to operate virtually. By being part of our network, you have access to a multitude of digital resources, webinars and training events to help you with your business. You can ask questions, get ideas and hear how your fellow brokers are handling issues. Our Management Facebook group is a safe place to pose questions to brokers across the country and get their recommendations and insights to help you take the quickest path between point A and B, avoiding landmines that can cost time and money. You’ll make connections and forge relationships in the process. Not to mention, you’ll have access to our referral networks such as Weichert Relocation, and Weichert Referral Associates. To learn more about how to develop valuable relationships virtually or how Weichert can help connect you to more go to

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