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Cultivating leadership skills is a career-long commitment.

Every great leader in real estate is a lifelong learner interested in acquiring new knowledge, skills, and competencies that drive better management and positive future outcomes. Anyone can become a stronger leader.

As a real estate broker, effective management skills will carry you through relationships with colleagues and customers, day-to-day operations, market disruptions, and periods of growth. Because we understand the importance of strong leadership, Weichert offers courses, mentorship, systems and tools to help its brokers become better leaders throughout their career. These are provided through expert trainers, unique technology, regional and national seminars, and more.

Working on your skills challenges you to recognize your blind spots and push past your comfort zone, but it will reward you with consistent professional growth in every area of your business. Because leadership requires deliberate action, we’re sharing five key skills that real estate brokers can focus on to become even more successful.

Skilled Communication

Effective communication skills are at the heart of good leadership. In real estate, leaders need to be skilled at written, verbal, and digital communication in order to build meaningful relationships with customers and deliver effective feedback and guidance to agents and teams.

Poor communication can create misunderstandings that cost time, money, and resources. Conversely, strong communication skills ensure clarity, efficiency, and mutual understanding. Clear communication is a key driver of successful relationships in real estate.

Tip: Record a sales call or team meeting and review it after the call to evaluate how you can communicate better in the future.

Soliciting Feedback

Leaders are often tasked with giving feedback, but learning to receive feedback can be an incredibly valuable skill that benefits your entire business. As a manager, it can be difficult or even painful to identify professional weaknesses, especially because leaders typically have so many strengths.

Making it a point to hear viewpoints from people with a variety of strengths and skill sets can help you identify your blind spots in a constructive and positive way. Asking for feedback from your team, real estate colleagues you admire, and members of your extended network can also help you discover new and improved ways to deliver feedback to others.

Tip: Think of a colleague who has skills and strengths that differ from your own and invite them to coffee. Ask them for genuine feedback. One of the powerful advantages of the Weichert System is the built-in support network of fellow franchisees that help each other learn and grow.

We provide our brokers various platforms to interact with colleagues in the Weichert family.

Mastering Delegation

Delegation is closely tied to building trust and empowering others. When you strategically delegate responsibilities to your team, you’re creating a culture that values autonomous decision making.

Great leaders are willing to trust others to use their best judgment. In order to help your team grow and evolve, it’s important to develop tolerance for allowing others to take risks and make mistakes. From there, you learn when to coach, when to intervene, and when to celebrate someone else’s success.

Tip: Delegate a task that will give someone on your team the opportunity to learn something new or experience a win. Support them through the process. One of the biggest challenges for brokerage owners is stepping out of sales in order to focus on building the business. One of the benefits of franchising with Weichert is the abundance of agent recruitment and support tools at your disposal. With resources providing best practices, strategies, and training, you can build a productive team of agents, so you can focus on growth.

Staying Open-Minded

One of the most challenging aspects of leadership is the willingness to adapt, evolve, or change course if a better alternative comes along. Great leaders are open to new ways of doing things and they entertain a range of ideas before choosing a course of action.

It’s inevitable that new best practices, technologies, and trends will pop up over the course of your real estate career. Seek out industry events and publications, or reach out to your professional sphere.

Tip: Ask yourself if you’re being as open-minded as you would like to be as a leader and remain willing to change if and when there are compelling reasons to do so. At Weichert, we constantly stay on top of the latest techniques and trends and share them with our franchise owners so they can continually evolve. It’s a must if you are going to outpace the competition. Between our Service Team and network of supportive owners, knowledge and advice is just a phone call away.

Prioritizing Empathy

Real estate is all about relationships. You have to manage relationships with your team, your customers, and yourself. Your ability to understand and share feelings with others will make or break your potential to be an effective leader, especially now.

It’s crucial to understand how the people around you are feeling so you can do your best to be a professional support and guide. When it comes to decision making, company morale, and the future of your real estate business, empathy for others is the foundation that will drive you forward.

Tip: Ask, does my team have the support they need to thrive? Identify areas where you can be more empathetic and supportive. Take a look at some tips we have on setting your team up for success and building your dream team.

Leadership skills help you thrive in the long run.

Over time, your leadership skills will become the cornerstone of a successful real estate business. Your focus and determination benefit your team and help you better serve your customers. And with juggling multiple priorities of business ownership sometimes your own development takes a back seat. So why go it alone?

Behind every great success in real estate, there’s a wealth of resources including courses, conferences, and systems that make business operations more efficient. Weichert offers a complete value package that includes trainings, mentorship, branded materials, a built-in network of support.

If you’re interested in learning about how Weichert can support your leadership journey, contact us, we’d love to chat about your real estate goals!

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