How LinkedIn can level up your networking

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In today’s digital world, a strong online presence is crucial for any real estate broker. We all hear a lot about Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, but how much energy have you devoted to LinkedIn? While many platforms offer valuable connections, LinkedIn reigns supreme for professional networking. But simply having a profile isn’t enough. To truly leverage LinkedIn’s potential, real estate brokers need a strategic approach. 

Weichert® has actionable tips to transform your LinkedIn presence into a lead generation power tool not only for business but for recruiting.


How to optimize your profile for a bigger impact

Your profile is your digital storefront, so don’t just toss information up on LinkedIn and hope for the best. Look at each section as an opportunity to stand out from your competition. This will serve you well as you build your reputation among customers, agents, recruits, and the industry overall.

When finessing your LinkedIn profile, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does my headline inform enough? Your LinkedIn profile is a chance to tell a story. What’s the main headline of that story? Think about a compelling headline that goes beyond just your title. And be sure to think about keywords and phrases that someone might search to help optimize your profile. For example, instead of “Realtor at XYZ Realty,” try “New York City Real Estate Broker | Home to Top Real Estate Agents for the Last 15 Years.” As you can see, this kind of detail can pique the interest of new recruits.
  • Does my profile picture reflect my brand? Use a high-quality, professional headshot that conveys approachability and trust. How will the photo look on desktop and mobile? A simple, crisp headshot is typically better than a picture with a lot of colorful background.
  • What’s my background image for my page? Don’t settle for the default. Select a background image that reflects your brand or specialty (e.g., a cityscape for urban specialists or a family image for those specializing in family homes).
  • Have I maximized the “about” section? Showcase your experience, expertise, and unique value proposition. Again, use keywords relevant to your target market throughout the section.
  • How am I communicating my experience? Don’t just list your past positions. Quantify your achievements with metrics whenever possible. For example, instead of “Sold homes,” say “Successfully closed over 20 million dollars in real estate transactions in the past year.”
  • Am I showcasing my skills and endorsements? Highlight relevant skills and actively seek endorsements from colleagues and past clients.
  • Am I updating my profile over time? As new information or changes impact you and your brokerage, make sure your profile keeps pace. Your profile should always represent you in your fullest, most compelling light.


How to stay active by sharing and posting

People connect with those who provide value. Become a thought leader in your market by consistently sharing informative and engaging content. To maintain a strong LinkedIn profile and company page, make it a habit to post relevant content and updates consistently.

  • Mix up your content: Vary your content to keep your audience engaged. Share a mix of original insights, industry news, local market updates, success stories, and curated content from reputable sources.
  • Keep visual appeal in mind: People are drawn to visuals. Use high-quality images, infographics, or short videos to grab attention and enhance your message.
  • Engage with your audience: Don’t just post—participate in discussions, respond to comments, and answer questions promptly. This fosters relationships and positions you as an expert.


How to be strategic about growing your network

Start with a basic question: who do you want to do business with? When you are clear on this, you’ll be able to identify these people more easily. This can also help you to have a more strategic eye out for possible referral partners who may be able to connect you to your core audience. Mortgage officers, real estate attorneys, insurance companies, movers, painters, contractors—they’re important connections to have. LinkedIn fosters the perfect environment for building such a network. 

Use these tips to help you with your communications on LinkedIn as you build and grow your network:

  • Send targeted invitations: Don’t just add everyone. Focus on building connections with potential clients, referral partners (like mortgage lenders), potential recruits, and industry influencers. Research their profiles and personalize your invitation message. Many people just send their invitations with the generic default. Take a moment to make a personal connection to give the recipient a real reason to respond and engage. Industry conferences can be a great conversation starter and the perfect excuse to connect before and after events.
  • Join relevant groups: LinkedIn groups are a goldmine for connecting with like-minded professionals. Join groups focused on your local market, niche specialties, or real estate topics in general. Actively participate in discussions and share your expertise. Potential recruits are sure to take notice.
  • Engage with thought leaders: Follow and interact with industry influencers in your area. Comment on their posts, share their content, and participate in discussions they spark. This increases your visibility and positions you as someone who’s “in the know.” For example, be sure to follow Weichert and please comment on our page. We value your broker’s point of view that you bring to the table.


How to convert connections into leads

Don’t stop at just racking up connections. Turn them into leads by providing real value, such as downloadable guides, free consultations, or educational webinars to attract potential clients or future agents. When someone interacts with your content or profile, don’t hesitate to reach out and start a conversation. Remember, the goal is to build relationships, not just collect connections.

And be sure to track your progress and results. Monitor your LinkedIn analytics to see what content resonates most with your audience. This data will help you refine your strategy and maximize your return on investment.


What’s next?

Unlike other social media platforms, the whole point of being on LinkedIn is networking, attracting top agents, generating leads, and growing your business. And speaking of growing your business, see how Weichert can help. Let’s talk.

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