Open houses: a great way to be seen

— Weichert Franchise

According to the National Association of REALTORS®, in 2023, over 50% of buyers named open houses as one of the top three information sources in their home search. This outpaced online video sites and is only topped by real estate agents themselves and mobile or tablet searches. Open houses continue to be a timeless, powerful, and recession-proof tool for real estate brokers and agents. What is it about open houses that makes them so effective? Why are they one of your best and simplest forms of marketing? Open houses offer you unique opportunities to be seen. Here’s what the team at Weichert® means by that.


Sellers see you

When you host an open house, you exhibit that you care about and are deeply committed to selling your client’s home. It takes effort to run a smooth and engaging open house, from taking the proper staging steps to quickly following up after the event. So, an open house is not one of those “put it on autopilot” events. To achieve the best results, you need to pay attention to every detail of an open house, and when you do, it shows. Sellers get to see you in action as you take every step possible to ensure they receive the best offer for their home. 

There’s a ripple effect, too, from a successful open house. By showcasing your reputation, trustworthiness, and communication skills throughout the entire process, your sellers will be left with a lasting impression. You’re not just selling their home; you’re impacting their lives. Sellers will likely remember you for years to come, which can net future business and qualified leads and referrals. 


Prospects see you

A quality open house also sends a strong message to your future customers. Like your present clients, these home seekers get to see you in action. They witness first-hand how you operate, that you’re the consummate professional who takes their business seriously, and that you’re an all-around pleasant person to work with. When future customers see how hard you work for your sellers, they get a glimpse of how hard you’ll work for them too.

Word travels fast. Open house visitors are likely to compare notes after the event with their friends, family, and present agent or broker. When you create a positive experience at your open house, it’s sure to generate a favorable buzz after the event.


Agents see you

An effective and meticulously run open house helps you retain your agents as well as attract new ones. It’s a great way to lead by example by showing your agents how to run a classic open house, with all the proven bells and whistles. This learning is a skill that provides them with a competitive edge. 

Open houses can also serve as an effective recruitment tool. Again, word travels fast. Your open houses can be a vehicle for showcasing how strategic and planful your brokerage team can be. This is sure to attract talented agents looking to join your team.


The community sees you

When you host an open house, there are many other people in the community who get to experience your professionalism and leadership. This includes neighbors, business owners in the area, local officials, and other real estate brokers and agents. An open house is a great tool to show off your real estate prowess in the community and how you dominate. 

Not to mention, if you do open houses the Weichert Way, which includes the prescribed number of listings held open and signage and pre-promotion, it’s like having mini billboards up all over town every week. That’s a lot of inexpensive promotion for your agent and your brokerage! 

So, now that you have a view of open houses as ongoing opportunities to be seen, keep your eyes on the prize with these best practices from the Weichert team.


Tips for optimizing your open houses

Prepare your sellers

  • Keep the communication going. Text them, call them, send follow-ups, and be proactive.
  • Create a checklist with tips and tasks. Find a balance between being helpful and overwhelming.
  • Stage the property, if needed.
  • Remind the seller that the kids and pets need to be off the premises the day of.


Maximize your marketing materials

  • Use signs and balloons/flags to attract attendees. (And make a note of where you put them so you can remember when it’s time to take them down.) 
  • Send postcards. Give yourself at least 2 weeks for prepping and printing.
  • Knock on doors and leave a door hanger if you don’t make a connection.
  • Maximize your social media. Post your open house on your channels, boost it out, and create ads to increase your reach.


Follow your day-of to-do’s

  • Get there early. Give yourself plenty of time to turn on the lights and set up.
  • Have everything you need for an offer on the spot.
  • Print out all disclosures.
  • Bring food, snacks, and beverages.
  • Make sure you wear your nametag. 
  • Have your sign-in system ready to roll. At Weichert, we have a great open house app that syncs right with the agent’s CRM for immediate post-event follow up.
  • Be confident! As you meet and greet people, let your personality shine through.
  • Commit to closing your attendees at the event. This may take a little practice. 
    • Ask people before they leave: Are you interested in making an offer? Would you like to set up a meeting for a buyer’s consultation?


Follow these steps after the event

  • Lock everything up and leave the home the way you found it.
  • Thank the neighbors for their patience and support.
  • Remove signs from the front lawn and around town.
  • Put all leads in your CRM (if you used a paper sign-in sheet).
  • Do your follow-ups right away!
  • Talk up the event at the office. Share how the open house went with your team and get everyone excited.


For more expert tips from Weichert, be sure to read our series of open house blogs.


In real estate, the changing times can influence how we work. But there are tried-and-true strategies that never go out of style—like open houses. Weichert is the master of open houses and can show you how to make them work for you, too. Reach out to us to continue this conversation.

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