Why open houses are your secret weapon in an unpredictable market

— Weichert Franchise

Open houses are still one of the best ways to market a property and find new prospects. Online listings make it easy for anyone to get a sneak peek at properties, but prospective buyers still want to experience homes firsthand and sellers still want to reach as many people as possible. Plus, by holding them you are going above and beyond to your seller to ensure they have the best possible pool of buyers and offers.

Weichert always encourages agents to host open houses—because they work! And we’re here to explain why. Before you plan your next open house, use these tips to make it memorable and discover why they’ve been an effective marketing tool at Weichert for years.

In fact, we feel so strongly about open houses that our coaching team has built an entire training series called the Ultimate Open House program that delivers actionable advice and effective strategies each month to help our agents drive activity and engagement at their upcoming Open Houses.

4 reasons why hosting open houses is more important than ever.

1. Take the opportunity to stand out in today’s market.

In the past, open houses were one of the only ways to market a property. Now that online listings are the norm, you have the chance to be present in the community when a lot of your competitors are not. Making connections at an open house is a great way to show that you’re proactive and ready to interact and build relationships in person, not just online.

Market the event on social media and have collateral on hand to distribute to those who visit, this will help keep you and the property on customers’ minds. Weichert ensures its agents are supported with all the materials they need before, during and after the event.

2. Deliver better results to your seller, while showing off your value.

Real estate agents are constantly working to prospect buyers and market properties— but a lot of that work goes unseen. How can you clearly show your commitment to going above and beyond for sellers in the local community? From seeing your signs, to conversations with neighbors, to answering questions about the property and neighborhood, open houses prove that you show up, make yourself available, and follow every lead that comes your way. Not to mention, open houses are an effective tool to help you maximize the buyer pool for your sellers and ensure they will get the most competitive offers to consider. It’s just another way to provide stellar customer service to your client.

3. Increased brand recognition and awareness.

The benefits of open houses are twofold in terms of brand. On one hand, you’re promoting the property you’re currently trying to sell, and on the other hand, you’re conducting outreach to new potential clients. According to NAR, approximately half of all buyers have a home to sell. There simply isn’t a downside to hosting open houses. They help increase brand exposure, get more eyeballs on properties, and strengthen your local network for the benefit of your clients and your business.

4. Establishing your footprint in the market.

As you establish relationships with buyers and sellers, you will begin to expand your presence in your area, resulting in a familiarity within your community. By hosting engaging, social, and positive open houses it’s inevitable that potential clients will sense an immediate trust and familiarity when your signs and marketing appears. For us, our yellow signs have become highly recognizable each weekend and have proven effective for Weichert agents and their brokerages in real estate markets around the country.

Weichert supports brokers every step of the way.

It’s comprehensive sales strategies like these that can help your brokerage grow. Not only is it good for sales, but it’s a way to elevate the level of service you provide to seller clients to forge relationships for life. In this day and age when technology is leveling the playing field, the differentiator is going to come down to how well you service your clients. Do you stand out? We can help guide you.

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