Sure Ways to Prove Your Value as an Agent

— Michele Watson

Weichert Doors Listing Presentation
Consumers have always been willing to pay for value. However, in the age of disruptors and non-traditional brokerage models, it’s easy to get distracted from your value story.  Don’t let your agents forget what they bring to the table.  Keep them focused on providing quality service and a stellar experience and make sure they have the script and the tools to match.  When they deliver on those promises, the results are golden.

Elevate Your Agents and Your Brokerage

Standing out from competitors requires a real estate selling approach that is genuinely committed to creating lasting relationships with customers that add value. Customers want to work with people they trust, like, and know. They’re seeking partnerships based on integrity, effective communication, and knowledge. Strong listening skills and a well-thought-out, comprehensive listing presentation complete with a robust real estate marketing plan can raise your associates up in the minds of sellers and instill confidence in potential clients about your value.

Here are a few things that can visibly demonstrate to clients how your agents bring value to the transaction:

  • Your Agents must do more than comparables to stand out. While this data is important, the ability to speak to local market trends, together with an understanding of the unique features of the home, shows the homeowner the agent fully knows how to price the home. Extra points if you can standardize this into a visual element of your listing presentation.
  • Have a great listing presentation. A professionally designed, comprehensive presentation tailored to the customer and their home, together with a full marketing plan to sell it, shows that an agent is focused on the client’s interests and is serious about their business. Having a great listing presentation template for your agents helps make even ordinary agents look extraordinary to their clients. It helps immediately set them apart as a professional.
  • Offer extended marketing exposure. Customers are willing to pay for services and value. Make sure you have a strong online presence and ability to show clients elements of digital and social advertising that they will receive. Have an Open House plan that your agent can present, as well as programs for Just Listed direct mail and other outreach. This will go a long way to separate your agents from agents who rely largely on the MLS, won’t spend the money or don’t have the expertise to get the exposure a seller needs to move the property quickly.
  • Management of all elements of the sales process. A good real estate agent keeps a lot of balls in the air during the sales process, coordinating appointments, meeting inspectors and contractors when the buyer isn’t available, and providing a network of trusted experts. Make sure you have a way of marketing to sellers all the steps involved that the agent will be handling for them.

While it is possible to compete with the bigger real estate brands during the listing phase, it takes a focused effort and solid tools and systems to build on. Another option to consider is to actually become part of a recognized brand that gives you these things on Day 1.

 Choosing a Partner to Strengthen Your Brokerage

Affiliating with a brand like Weichert can have an immediate, positive effect on your ability to differentiate yourself in your local market. Not only because you are part of a recognized brand, but because we actively give you the tools, training, and systems to create things like a great listing presentation, price trend analysis, online marketing support, direct mail programs, Open House systems and more. The result is that your agents have a lot to offer and whether they are new or seasoned, can provide a great overall listing and selling experience for the client.

In addition, a Weichert affiliation gives you access to many competitive advantages:

  • A comprehensive lead generation program
  • A set of marketing tools and proven processes to help you meet sales goals
  • A CRM system for keeping in front of contacts that is tied into the Weichert sales system
  • A support team that gives you access to real estate and technology experts and a referral network that enables collaboration and lead sharing with other affiliates across the country

You and your agents work hard.  Get the tools to be able to demonstrate your value and win clients. As a Weichert affiliate, you’ll get the resources you need to go head-to-head with the ‘big brands’ and win.

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