Three “Cs” for successful leadership

— Weichert Franchise

Great leaders don’t just appear out of thin air. They’re created over time by working on their leadership skills and styles. The National Association of REALTORS® ran an interesting article that included qualities and actions to become a successful leader. At Weichert®, we also believe that there are many attributes of a successful leader. This year, we’re focusing on three, and they all start with the letter “C”.

  • Confidence
  • Conviction
  • Consistency

Bill Scavone, President, Weichert Real Estate Affiliates, Inc. and Weichert, Realtors®, says it best, “With the uncertainty in the economy, it’s imperative that we show confidence, conviction, and consistency in our everyday activities. We need to approach each day with urgency and intensity.”

How to build confidence

According to Symonds Research, experts in training course materials, there are myths about what it means to have confidence. How would you answer the following? True or false:

  • Confidence cannot be learned or acquired
  • Confidence comes from never failing
  • Confidence means lack of fear or uncertainty
  • Confidence equals always knowing what to do and say

If you answered false to all of the above, then you’re correct. The myths boil down to the notion that confident people are perfect. This is simply not true — they’re human! In fact, confidence is a leadership quality to be strengthened over time. It’s important to perform a litmus test to see if confidence is authentic, or a cloak to cover up insecurity. How can you spot the difference in others? In yourself?

According to Forbes, leaders who lack confidence can be identified by asking:

  • Do they listen more than they speak, or do they have to be the loudest voice in the room?
  • Do they elevate those around them as the company rises, or do they take all the credit?
  • Do they strive to learn and better themselves for the sake of the team, or do they assume their strategy is the best without consulting others?
  • Finally, do they see strong performers as collaborators or as a threat?

Forbes also states,Effective business leaders have a variety of personality attributes that help them lead, and sometimes these traits can seem contradictory. However, one of the biggest dichotomies is also one of the most essential: Effective business leaders must have both confidence and humility. While the two concepts can seem like an oxymoron, they complement each other and create leaders who inspire employees and support progress.”

Quick takeaways for practicing confidence:

  • Be courageous
  • Stay humble
  • Stop what if’ing
  • Be self-aware
  • Celebrate wins, big and small

How to show conviction 

In another article from Forbes, the topic of conviction as a trait for successful leaders is explored. “Conviction in a leader is an incredibly valuable yet increasingly rare trait. It’s in short supply because our brains are wired to overreact to uncertainty with fear. As uncertainty increases, the brain shifts control over to the limbic system, the place where emotions, such as anxiety and panic, are generated.”

Conviction is all about your belief system. When that’s solidly in place, you and your team can do anything. Without conviction, challenges can turn into barriers that are frustrating in the moment and often impossible to conquer over time.

Conviction can also help you to feel passionate, energized, and empowered, which quickly sparks the same feelings in others. Learn more tips for how to lead with conviction.

Quick takeaways for practicing conviction:

  • Stay positive
  • Lead with honesty
  • Be strong
  • Ponder things
  • Trust your gut 

How to maintain consistency

Consistency is comforting. It helps people stay calm, creates certainty, and engages your team in a way where they can feel safe. It also builds trust, credibility, and an overall good reputation — for you and your business. All this leads to positive actions that can impact that bottom line.

Ask yourself:

  • Do I do what I say and follow through?
  • Do I maintain a certain demeanor?
  • Do I communicate often and with clarity?

It’s easier for others to follow you when you maintain the posture of a consistent leader. Your actions and behaviors can help you deliver a message that contains a steady beat of how you lead and treat others. Think of consistency as the result of little habits that you do each day, like taking the dog for a morning walk. Your work will set others up for their best work. Everyone wins.

Quick takeaways to practice consistency:

  • Explain things
  • Be predictable
  • Follow through
  • Monitor your own moods to stay calm
  • Let go of baggage

At Weichert, we’ll also be practicing and perfecting our confidence, conviction, and consistency throughout the year. We may be leaders in the real estate industry for over 50 years, but we’re confident that our conviction to maintain our leadership position comes from hard, smart, consistent work, year over year.

And when you’re ready, be sure to add a fourth “C” to your list: conversation. Let’s start one today!

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