Top 5 Reasons to Join a Real Estate Franchise in 2020

— Michele Watson

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At one time or another, every real estate broker is faced with the difficult choice of franchising. For some, the fear of losing their independence causes hesitation. Although franchising may not be the right move for everyone, if any of these sound like the situation you are facing, it can be a tremendous benefit:

  • Your business has stalled, or you are not meeting your growth goals.
  • Recent changes in your local market pose a threat to your business.
  • You’re losing agents to other nationally-recognized brands.
  • You could benefit from proven operating systems, marketing tools, technology, or coaching.
  • You spend more time selling houses than managing your business in a leadership role.

There are really three options to help you move your business forward; you can build it, you can buy it or you can leverage it. The first two options take time and resources, and there’s no guarantee that it will get you where you want to go. When you affiliate, you leverage the extensive resources of your franchisor and chances are, those resources have already been vetted and proven. Here are five of the top benefits to joining a real estate franchise:

  1. You Are No Longer Alone

If you are anything like most real estate brokers, you decided to launch your brokerage because you wanted to elevate your impact and increase your earning potential. Now that you have settled into that role, you may again be searching for a way to grow and expand your operations. One of the most powerful ways that partnering with a good real estate franchise can help is by giving you a well-tested structure for your operations and a connection to something bigger. Being part of a group can put you in a better position, when it comes to competing against some of the major disruptors that have been entering the industry.

With a brand like Weichert, for instance, you have access to coaches, training, and branded technology that can provide you with support. Between our regional coaches, conferences and trainings and our active peer-to-peer network, you will never have to wonder what to do next. Just imagine being able to network and connect with other like-minded brokers that understand exactly what challenges you’re facing, can offer strategies to overcome them, warn you of potential pitfalls, and cheer you on as you grow. With the support and credibility of a national brand on your side, you will face fewer stumbling blocks on your path to greater success.

  1. You Can Provide Your Agents With the Tools, Resources and Training to Be Successful

As a real estate broker, you are not only faced with the task of attracting buyers and sellers to feed to your agents, but you must also attract high-quality agents to feed your growth. Being able to offer agents productive resources to support their business is critical to recruiting and retention. But there is a time investment in the process to create those things and do it right. Not to mention, the thousands of marketing ideas, gimmicks, and tools out there can be overwhelming! However, once you become part of a national franchise, you gain access to marketing systems that are already proven to deliver results, while eliminating that expensive learning curve, plus your agents can get the training they need to use those tools effectively.

Weichert affiliates regularly tell stories of the relief they felt once they gained access to Weichert marketing and training systems, as well as their network of mentors, peers, and coaches. As part of the Weichert family, brokerage owners no longer have to use their own time and resources to research and find the best tools and marketing strategies because Weichert has done all that heavy lifting for them. They now have become a destination for agents.

  1. Recruiting Systems To Grow Your Agent Base

Recruiting is one of your largest responsibilities as a broker. It can also be one of the most challenging, as it can be difficult to find, attract, and keep the right agents for your team. Often, agents hesitate to join a brokerage if they don’t have a good value proposition. However, if you do your homework and align yourself with a national franchise like Weichert, you will fully recognize the power of having a recognizable brand behind you. From sales systems, marketing tools, technology, lead sources, support, and coaching that a company like Weichert provides, companies are in a position to offer a comprehensive program to attract more agents. Plus, at Weichert, we coach our recruiting managers on proven recruiting systems and provide them with winning materials that help sell that value proposition. Having a system streamlines the process of growing your team with quality agents and supplying them with the tools for success creates an environment where they want to stay.

  1. Technology Systems To Help Your Agents Be More Productive

You can’t talk about real estate, marketing, or branding these days without talking about technology. Clients demand immediate follow-up and high levels of service, and it’s very difficult to stay on top of that without the right tech. But technology can be expensive, and it is ever-changing. How do you know what to invest in? Do you have the time to do the necessary research? How do you keep up with the changes? The time and expense of figuring all this out as an independent broker takes you away from operating your business.

By aligning with a franchise, like Weichert, you get the benefit of all their resources dedicated to vetting, researching, testing and updating. Weichert affiliates receive access to the myWeichert® powered by kvCORE platform, a powerful, all in one solution to run every aspect of a real estate business. Customized, branded websites connect to a smart CRM that uses AI driven, behavioral automation, powerful lead gen tools and more to help generate leads and stay in touch with contacts to convert more business. The system would normally be a huge investment for an independent brokerage to take on, both from financial and learning curve aspects. However, it is included with Weichert affiliation.

  1. Business Coaching & Support To Map Your Growth

Often the conversations about real estate training are centered around the agents. But owners, brokers and managers need coaching, too! Having easy access to training materials, coaching, and support as they operate is key to growing a business.  If you have ever found yourself unsure of your next move, in need of peer support, or in search of new education at the broker level, you would benefit deeply from the educational resources supplied from a national real estate franchise like Weichert. From business planning tools, to budget advice to strategies to improve company dollar, your dedicated business coach helps you along the way to strengthen your business and ensure you are establishing a solid foundation for growth.

Click here if you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of franchising with a nationally recognized brand like Weichert and how their resources can help both you and your agents thrive in today’s market.

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