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Technology continues to evolve the business of real estate. It helps us to move faster, work smarter, and operate more efficiently. But what’s the one part of a successful real estate business that continues to be built without the latest techy bells and whistles? Relationships. And what powers these connections? People. It’s so simple, you might say it’s music to your ears.

So, with music in mind, the Weichert® team is bringing in the tunes to help set the tone for building strong relationships in real estate. We’ll mention the song, you hum a few lines, and we’ll bring it home with a few tips.

“People” (sung by Barbara Streisand in Funny Girl)

Yes, everything we do in our industry is for and about people. Location, location, location is matched in importance with people, people, people.

At Weichert, we value the human connection, and we take a people-first approach with everything we do. Our training and real estate coaching sessions are always focused on how we serve others. When we ask any “what, when, where, and why” questions, the answers are always found through the lens of “who” we are serving.

According to RISMedia, “It’s never been more important following a transaction to continue fostering a relationship with your client… to nurture that relationship and truly become their go-to referral source for years to come. At the heart of it all, clients just want to continue feeling valued and appreciated.”

Here are a few tips to show people how much you value them:

  • Ask good questions
  • Listen well for the answers
  • Be responsive and communicative
  • Look them in the eye, and smile
  • Send personal notes
  • Be 100% authentic

“Come Together” (The Beatles)

By the song title alone, you can tell this tip for relationship building is all about community.

Think big as you envision your circle of influence growing wider. Build trusted relationships with all types of professionals—other agents and brokers (yes, even your competition); property developers; architects; designers; lawyers; financial experts; mortgage lenders; accountants; and so forth. When you all come together, you can learn from each other and work together to deliver exceptional value to your customers. As a byproduct of these efforts, you’ll be building a solid reputation for yourself and your brokerage.

Some simple ways to build relationships in the community include:

  • Attend community events
  • Sponsor a local youth sports team
  • Host lunch and learns at your office
  • Personally introduce yourself
  • Join local REALTOR groups
  • Refer each other

Of course, at the epicenter of your circle of influence is your customer. From your existing buyers and sellers to new prospects, your community-building efforts with colleagues can help provide a better experience for the customers you serve. This can lead to repeat business down the line and/or referrals.

“The Winner Takes It All” (ABBA)

To win in real estate you’ve got to network. Networking is all about the give and take, and so the most important people to connect with are the ones you can also help. Even developing close relationships with other real estate brokers—even if they’re the competition—can lead to success too.

Ways to network professionally:

  • Stay active on social media, including LinkedIn
  • Host networking events
  • Attend industry-wide events
  • Form a team of experts, such as experts in 55+ communities

In addition, always take a high-road style to relationships, which can mean:

  • Approach every interaction with the utmost professionalism
  • Don’t get caught in negativity, politics, or the news
  • Be a steady, consistent source of positivity and professionalism
  • Show respect, which leads us to…

“Respect” (Aretha Franklin)

Respect is a two-way street. You give it, and you earn it. It’s rooted in genuinely appreciating what others bring to the party. The rapport you build with your relationships is the precursor to trust, which is paramount in our industry.

Forbes says, “Rapport establishes trust between you and your client. The more you get to know your client, and the more they get to know you, the easier the process. They can trust that you will find the best home for them or that you will find their house the best buyer, and you can trust them to listen to your ideas and advice. With trust bridging you and your client, you can expect a smoother process and certain success in their real estate endeavor.”

Our tips for building respected relationships culminate in all the songs we’ve covered so far. Bottom line, follow the golden rule: treat others the way you want to be treated.

“Takin’ Care of Business” (Bachman Turner Overdrive)

Local businesses can be influential, which makes it especially important to build and maintain strong relationships with them. Whether it’s the coffee shop, dry cleaners, or hair salon, these businesses interact with your potential customers every day.

Keeping your name top of mind with local businesses is a great way to build relationships in real estate. You can show them your support in many ways, such as:

  • Frequent their local establishment
  • Use their services personally
  • Give them positive reviews online
  • Refer others to them
  • Spotlight them to your customers, such as in your blog or newsletter

Many business owners and professionals work with homeowners before, during, and after the buying and selling process. (Think contractors of all types, cleaning services, banks, and so on). Some business owners and professionals, such as personal trainers and hair stylists, frequently engage in personal discussions with their clients. Take steps to keep your relationships thriving, so you’re always top of mind during these conversations! 

“Celebration” (Kool & the Gang)

The most successful brokers and agents will tell you that their greatest tool is their relationships with clients and local businesses. Developing relationships in real estate, including those with industry partners, can lead you to reasons to celebrate.

Learn more about how Weichert can help you turn up the volume on your real estate relationship building.

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