Use Video To Enhance Your Personal Brand In 2020

— Michele Watson

In 2020, there is absolutely no denying that real estate agents and brokers need to make video a priority. Not only is video content important for helping your real estate website gain listing visibility in search engines, but it is also a powerful tool that helps potential clients connect with your personal style and brand.

The most common videos in real estate remain virtual tours; however, there are many other ways that you can use video to enhance your real estate brand and carve out a powerful name for yourself. Here are some practical ways that you can incorporate more video into your personal branding strategy from the experts at Weichert.

Translate Your Blog Posts Into Videos

Are you already generating a regular real estate blog or regular social posting? You can get more leverage out of every post by translating that content into a video. All you need to do is use your blog post like a script to showcase your expertise. Affordable software like ContentSamurai can create videos from your blog posts in seconds by automatically analyzing the content! You can also use videos to supplement your blogs. For example, if you write an article about how to stage a house to get it ready for the market, you could include videos of you showing them how to complete the steps in the article.

Interview Local Businesses

The top experts in branding and marketing will tell you that as a real estate agent or broker, it is in your best interest to make your company name synonymous with your market. In other words, when someone thinks of your market they should automatically think of you and vice versa. One of the best ways to accomplish that goal is to use content like videos to showcase your expertise on all things local. Take time to interview and feature local highlights on video, like restaurants, boutiques, schools, and attractions that make your market such a great place to live. Since those businesses will be grateful for the free advertising, they are likely to promote your videos as well, gaining you lots of extra and free exposure to potential clients.

Showcase Members Of Your Team

One of the best ways to help the community get to know your business and recruit new members to your team is to showcase those who are currently part of your team. For this tactic to be effective, you need each video to clearly communicate the following:

  • The agent’s role within the team
  • The agent’s specialty or niche
  • What makes them unique
  • Why they chose to work in real estate
  • Why they chose to join your team
  • What they love most about being a member of your brokerage

It is a good idea to feature these videos on your website, social media, a newsletter, and YouTube channel. When done correctly, each one of these interviews will provide confidence and social proof to clients who are considering hiring a member of your team, as well as and agents looking for a brokerage.

Gather Video Testimonials

Speaking of social proof, it is well worth your time to gather video testimonials from clients as well. Before hiring an agent to represent them in the largest financial transaction of their life, they want to know that other people just like them have had a positive experience with that agent. Video testimonials are more powerful than written ones because they can better communicate the emotion behind the words. Ask each client to tell the story of why they chose to work with you, what impact you made on the transaction, and what they enjoyed most about the process.

Profile Your Farm

Another extremely powerful way of pushing your real estate website up in the search engines is with hyperlocal content like neighborhood pages or profiles that showcase each city or neighborhood you serve. While there should be written content and links to any blogs that are relevant to each neighborhood, you should also include as many videos as you can. One easy way to do this is to ask the photographers that work your listings to do a drone shot of the neighborhood in addition to the house.
Becoming a master content creator with video will dramatically elevate your brand awareness and overall success. It should be one of the many tactics you employ as part of a comprehensive marketing plan. A partner like Weichert can give you the guidance and tools to own your market.

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