Using Facebook Video Ads to Supplement Brokerage Lead Generation Activities

— Michele Watson

Of course, there is nothing new about the concept of using Facebook’s ad platform to try and attract new business, increase brand recognition, and build the overall size of a real estate brokerage. However, as the platform continues to evolve and become more sophisticated, fewer and fewer agents are using videos to take advantage of its tremendous power. While Facebook Ads can’t completely replace all other lead generation activities, they can be a valuable portion of your overall strategy. The key is being able to understand how to get your ads to stand out and capture the attention of the right people.

What Video Ads Should You Create?

Just Listed or Just Sold- This option supplements direct mail as a way to let people know that you have a property that was just listed or sold. Create a stunning ad to show off your new accomplishment and use Facebook’s advanced targeting tools to get it in front of the local audience.

Neighborhood Profiles- Show everyone that you are the local expert by creating a video that profiles various neighborhoods in your market. Include key details like what makes the neighborhood unique and the benefits of buying a home there.

Testimonials- Testimonials are an invaluable marketing assets that truly help prospects feel more comfortable about working with you. When you complete a transaction, ask your happy clients if they would be comfortable filming a brief testimonial to share with other buyers and sellers about why they enjoyed working with you.

Open Houses- Taking a video of a busy open house and the property is a fantastic way of getting more exposure for the property and showing future sellers how aggressive you are about marketing your listings.

Real Estate Tips- Sharing interesting and actionable tips in an entertaining way are a great way of showing buyers and sellers that you are knowledgeable and eager to help them make the most of each transaction. Videos like these go a long way to building trust with your audience.

Charity Work- Videos that show the community how well you work with charitable organizations build tremendous brand value and go far to illustrate that you care about more than commission checks.

Who Should You Target with Your Ads?

The target audience that you select for your video ads is just as important, if not more so than the content of the videos themselves. It is easy to overthink placement, but there are three main factors to focus on.

Your Database- One of the best targeting options allows you to upload a CSV. file of your contact database and place your video ad in front of those people. This is an easy and effective way of staying on their radar throughout the year.

Locals- Farming your area has never been easier thanks to Facebook’s capability of targeting people that live within a specific geography. This is particularly helpful for all of those “just listed” and “just sold” videos.

Behaviors & Interests- In addition to being able to reach people based on where they live, you can also reach people based on how they are behaving online. For example, you can target people that are showing interest in buying a home and are trying to learn about your farm area. This is extremely helpful in making sure you’re reaching the right people rather than wasting money on “spray and pray” marketing.

Bringing it All Together

While you can’t depend on Facebook video ads to be your only source of lead generation or expanding brokerage awareness, you can develop results from videos with a limited budget. In fact, if you create high-quality video content for your ads and target them correctly, you can reach people for only pennies per impression.

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