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Here at Weichert, some of our brokers take the phrase “married to their work” pretty seriously. (They are actually married and co-owners of the brokerage!) We reached out to one of our top married couples to get their perspective on their secrets to succeeding in real estate and how marriage makes their wins that much sweeter. And we think it’s safe to say that growing a brokerage and maintaining a strong marriage have a lot in common. Both require placing a high value on collaboration and teamwork, lots of communication, and well-tuned people skills. Perhaps that’s why they are so successful at both!

In this post, we’re featuring Mark & Beth LaQua from Weichert, Realtors® – Advantage with offices in Woodbury and Wayzata, MN. They’re giving us the inside scoop on how they work together, navigate entrepreneurship as a couple, and offer up advice for fellow business owners.

Owner Q&A—Growing a brokerage together

How has owning and managing a brokerage as a married couple helped strengthen your business?


We have very similar personalities, but owning a business together has allowed us to capitalize on our different strengths. We’ve learned to stick to our own wheelhouses and provide better service to our agent group by offering each of our unique perspectives. We aren’t stuck in a one-size-fits-all mentality.


Yes, plus we generate more ideas and backup for one another as we continue to grow.

How do you balance the responsibilities of owning and managing a brokerage with your everyday personal life?


We’ve learned how to check in and check out quicker than we used to. We need to be available all the time, so we’ve learned to take personal time when it presents itself, but be willing to check back in if the need arises.


We’ve been able to do this easily with Weichert. Their systems allow both brokers and agents to have a personal life.

What’s one piece of advice you have for other brokers to remain successful and ahead of trends during this intensified real estate market?


Listen to others who have gone before you and stay true to your value system. Don’t stop doing the basic activities!


Trust good systems. Like we follow the Weichert systems. Don’t reinvent a tried-and-true system.

What is the best thing about running a brokerage with your spouse? What are the challenges?


We get to be together so much more than the average couple, and we get to share in each other’s career victories. We truly enjoy building something together. The biggest challenge is that we tend to bring the office with us wherever we go. Sometimes we have to deliberately set a goal of not discussing the business for a whole evening just to get away from it.


But there is no better reward than experiencing the two of us growing professionally while serving others.

How long have you been a broker with Weichert?

Beth & Mark LaQua: 15 years.

When initially looking for a franchise, what made you choose Weichert?


We were looking to affiliate with a brand with proven systems and tools. After visiting with the folks at Weichert, we instantly felt they shared our value system for a customer-centric model combined with a traditional and pragmatic approach to running a real estate brokerage.


I agree. The client-centric model was key for us, plus we aligned with their higher standards in all areas of real estate.

How has Weichert helped set your business apart from other brokerages? (i.e., digital marketing strategies, tools, resources)


Weichert always encourages a higher level of service. The accessibility to the marketing resources and the constant stream of training opportunities are leaps and bounds ahead of the competition!


Because we are client-centric, as a team we do everything at an elevated level. The client experiences this culture of excellence, and growth ensues.

How has joining the Weichert family strengthened your business?


We’ve learned so much from our colleagues at Weichert. We were a start-up brokerage when we affiliated with Weichert, so we truly relied on the expertise and tools within the system to build a business from the ground up.


Absolutely. The Weichert opportunities and systems of business operations are unmatched.

Mark and Beth currently operate one of the top Weichert franchised companies in the country. Want access to the resources and support that they get every day? Find out more about what it takes to become a Weichert affiliate. Contact us today.

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