When You Show You Care, People Take Notice

— Michele Watson

As a seasoned real estate broker, you already understand that your brand and reputation are not just based on your performance in real estate, but the role you play within the community. One of the most powerful ways to stay involved in the community and propel positive feelings associated with your brokerage is to participate in charitable activities and showcase those efforts. But like anything, it’s good to have a plan going in. Here are some tips to help.

Choose The Right Activities

The first thing you need to do is be sure that you are partnering yourself with the right charity. It is important that you are passionate about the local cause that you choose and that it is in alignment with your brand. In fact, the more meaningful the cause is to you the more inclined you will be to stay active in your efforts. For example, if you are a woman building your own brokerage, you may feel passionate about getting involved with the local women’s resource center so that you can help empower other women in their careers–and of course promote the excitement and value of becoming a real estate agent.

Promote The Cause

When the time comes to promote your altruistic work with the local charity that you have chosen, it is essential that you promote the charity and the cause itself rather than just your work with that charity. One way of doing this is to use your blog and social media to tell stories about the people that have been impacted by the charity. You may also want to do video or audio interviews with administrative members of the charity to help give a voice to the cause through your brand. This will help generate a stronger emotional connection between your followers and your business, raise awareness about the accomplishments being made by the charity, and hopefully inspire more people to get involved.

Determine The Best Times To Be Active

As you lay out your community service plans for the year, make sure you are picking activities or times to hold events when you and your team can dedicate your time. If you are very busy in the Spring with the selling market, maybe more involved activities are better planned for the Summer or Fall months, for example. This way you can devote ample attention to making it a success, plus you can get your agents and office staff involved. Getting your agents involved in projects helps foster a stronger team culture and makes everyone feel good!

Altruism Always Pays Off

Putting your best foot forward to help the community will remind people that you are more than just a brokerage, but a member of the community that cares. When the time comes for a fellow community member to use a brokerage, they will be in search of a company that they trust to work selflessly for them. This is when your generous work with your chosen charity will pay off the most.

At Weichert, we live a people-first philosophy. We coach our brokers to be active and positive forces in their community. This is good for business for sure, but the true reward for lending yourself to the betterment of others is the positive impact you will have on those that need it most. That’s the right way to do business. That’s the Weichert Way.

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