Why Your Brokerage Can’t Live Without A Real Estate CRM in 2020

— Michele Watson

Weichert CRM tool
For most experienced brokers, the above statement is a foregone conclusion. Like so many things involving technology however, the devil is in the details. The challenge for brokers contemplating first time use of a real estate CRM, or even those currently using one, generally amount to a few common challenges

  1. Which of the many real estate CRM’s available will most easily add a benefit to my operations?
  2. Which of these CRM’s is easiest for the non-technical members of my team to use?
  3. How are common features like open house management, lead management, and marketing automation set up?
  4. Does the CRM link directly to my agent and brokerage websites?
  5. Does the software provide team and listing management from a central place? How well integrated is it with social media, listing info and 3rd party lead sources?
  6. Is the CRM’s mobile solution and mobile app easy to use and comprehensive?
  7. Will you be able to get your team up to speed quickly on it and is there ongoing support for training new agents?
  8. Do you have the time and experience necessary to pick the right partner for your CRM solution?
  9. How will your system keep up as technology continues to evolve?

Make no mistake, when you choose a CRM, you are choosing more than a place to keep your contacts. At a minimum, it needs to help your agents keep their sales activities organized so they can be more productive.  However, CRMs are evolving even further and getting more sophisticated, with technology integrations and functionality that can enhance your sales and marketing activities.  In evaluating solutions, you want to make sure whatever you choose will be compatible with the way you go to market in your local area and makes your life, and the life of your agents, easier and more productive. If it doesn’t, your agents will figure that out quickly and opt out of using it. Before you invest, evaluate whether your potential CRM solution is providing a system for success and a resource for generating leads, complete with training on best practices for its use. If it doesn’t, you may want to keep looking.

Bottomline, in 2020, if you want your brokerage to be competitive, you need to have some type of contact management solution in place to be able to service clients at the level they expect, while supporting your agents to be as productive as possible. Whether you choose something basic or something more sophisticated is up to you, but it’s something a modern brokerage can’t be without.

Here’s What a World Class CRM Looks Like

For one that offers all the bells and whistles, take a look at myWeichert powered by kvCORE platrform. This is the smart tech platform provided to all Weichert franchisees aspart of their affiliation. It offers a sophisticated real estate CRM, but it’s built into a comprehensive eco-system for running a real estate business. The myWeichert platform is connected with customized agent and offices websites and utilizes AI-driven, behavioral automation to help agents engage and stay in touch with new leads, past clients and their sphere in the right way, at the right time. Through an auto-dialer, mass email capability and pre-built campaigns, the system serves as a virtual assistant as much as a database to organize leads and contact records. It offers a host of lead gen tools to help agents and offices generate their own leads.  Plus, it integrates with almost all lead sources, including leads generated through Weichert’s own, so everything can be tracked in one place.

What does that all mean? Consider the following capabilities of myWeichert:

  1. Automated, smart follow up functionality. This tech actually knows when people are visiting the website, who they are and what they are browsing. It is able to automatically communicate with browsers and serve up additional properties.
  2. Agents can generate their own leads by creating squeeze pages, specialized landing pages and boosting posts directly to FB from the dashboard.
  3. The tool will queue up calls every day based on who in your contact list is in line to be contacted, based on lead type and queue the calls up using its auto-dialer feature.
  4. Leads can be categorized put into specific campaigns which automatically text, email or put the lead in the call queue based on their status.
  5. Open house app – myWeichert comes with an open house app. Guests sign into the app and automatically feed into the agent’s CRM for immediate follow-up.
  6. It’s mobile. An agent can run their business through the dashboard right on their phone.
  7. It integrates with top Weichert selling tools, such as the DOORs Listing Presentation, Marketing Resources, Approved Supplier lists and more.
  8. Plus, Weichert provides ample training to get offices and agents up and running.

For broker/owners, the myWeichert platform saves them time and money of having to invest in this type of platform on their own. For agents, it makes them more efficient and effective with their follow-up, helps set them apart in the eyes of customers and can ultimately help them convert at a higher level.

Choose more than a CRM, Choose a Partner

If you are at a place where you are evaluating technology and real estate CRM solutions, consider an affiliation with a franchisor like Weichert. Not only do you get one of the industry’s most evolved real estate smart technology solutions, but you’ll get the added benefits of their sales strategies, marketing materials, recruiting systems and materials, coaching, lead sources, support network and more!  Find out how we can give you a roadmap for success and help grow your business.

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