4 ways automation can revolutionize your real estate business

— Weichert Franchise

Do any of these “retro” tasks sound familiar to you?

  • Sending a check in the mail on time to avoid a late fee
  • Re-ordering office supplies before you run out
  • Organizing receipts to prepare for tax season

Life is so much easier these days with automation. You simply set up a task and poof, the system takes over. Implementing automation for your real estate business can save you valuable time, help you avoid last-minute scrambles, and allow you to work smoothly and efficiently. All these points can lead to success.

In this blog, Weichert® explores four key benefits of real estate automation. Let’s dive in…

1. Automation manages the madness

As real estate brokers and agents, we often work around the clock. To help you hustle without the hassle, automation can be your elixir.

Real estate software for automation can manage things that make your head spin. This can include tasks that are repetitive and predictable, such as data entry and email, or phone call follow-ups. In this article from Harvard Business Review, you’ll find a comparison of different kinds of businesses and where automation might fit. In addition, Jotform, an online form builder for data collection, curated the top real estate automation tools. Check out their list.

2. Automation helps you scale your business

Whether you have a customer relationship management (CRM) tool at this moment or not, it’s important to note that automation is typically one of its key functions. Keep this in mind. You may find that you’re getting more bang for your buck with a full CRM rather than just real estate software for automation.

In a previous Weichert blog, we explored the benefits of a CRM and how you can set up yours to automate administrative tasks within marketing, service, and sales. If you’re still researching CRM solutions, take note that they can vary widely. According to Forbes Advisor, the three major types of CRMs are:

  • Collaborative: focusing on a seamless customer experience across all departments
  • Operational: focusing on streamlining the customer experience through marketing and service automation
  • Analytical: focusing on analyzing customer data for deeper insights

One of the most effective CRMs for real estate is kvCORE. Weichert chose this leading technology platform, which includes a Smart CRM, to power its tech package known as myWeichert®. This tech stack is provided to all affiliate broker-agents at no additional charge. It’s a real game-changer for our brokers and their agents, allowing them to organize their contacts, generate new leads, keep track of engagements, prompt daily follow-ups, and even follow up on the agent’s behalf. As you grow your business, it’s these kinds of effective tools that turn daily work into turnkey success.

3. Automation feeds your marketing efforts

One area that can benefit most from automation is marketing. With marketing automation, you can still control the message while delegating the tedious manual labor to the real estate software.

Some software will allow you to segment your email lists by many different factors, so that you can deliver the best message to the precise customer at the right time. For example, instead of sending out information about a new listing to your entire group—which likely includes people who are not currently interested in buying a house—you can quickly filter contacts and set your email to send to people who have recently perused listings on your website.

Marketing automation is also a lead-management machine. These days, new prospects can come via many platforms—social media, your website, referrals, and so forth. Automation can help by responding quickly and smartly to their queries with automated campaigns. This allows you to start new relationships on the right foot, thereby making client conversions that much easier and more targeted. The system can also continue to automatically nurture that prospect until they’re ready to take action and have a conversation.

In addition, marketing automation allows you to keep in touch with your loyal customers in relevant and personal ways, such as sending birthday or anniversary emails and texts.

4. Automation adapts to your changing needs

What goals will you and your team be looking to achieve with automation, now and in the future? The beauty of automation is that it can adapt at any time to fit your changing needs.

Automation can also help us evolve with the times by taking a more “holistic” approach to communication. Less paper, fewer unwanted messages, and more relevancy in day-to-day life serves everyone.

How can a partnership with Weichert help bring automation to your business in the smartest, most strategic ways? Let’s talk.

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