7 tools to leverage current listings to create more sales

— Weichert Franchise

How do you take even just one of your current listings and leverage it to increase real estate lead generation? Weichert® will show you how. It starts by building a simple but effective toolkit that taps into these 7 tools:

Tool 1: Open houses

At Weichert, we think of the open house as a goldmine opportunity for lead generation. The trick is in leveraging it to your advantage, which often starts with a mindset shift. RIS Media states it well, “See the open house as a listing lead generator, not a chore. Most agents have a wrong view of holding open houses and therefore see it as a waste of time…or a way to just make the seller happy if their home isn’t selling. You and your team should view this event as time to meet the neighbors, pick up listing and buyer leads, and set listing and showing appointments during their open houses.” 

Tool 2: Signs

“For sale” signs that morph into “under contract” and “just sold” signs can advertise a sale well done without the media spend. It’s like a mini billboard in the neighborhood, so don’t be too quick to take these signs down from lawns or even websites. Even a “just listed” sign can promote excitement and interest in you and your brokerage. Use these signs to update future clients on the status of the sale, even when you’re not around to personally talk things up. While folks may just be driving home or simply walking the dog, they see your signs again and again. This is a surefire way to increase your brand awareness.

Tool 3: Door knocks

Weichert broker-owners across the nation know that the art of going door to door is a valuable, human-centric approach for generating new business. With every listing you have, there’s an instant excuse to knock on nearby doors to share valuable information about you, the market, and their neighbor’s listing. Read more about how to successfully prospect door to door with these tips from Weichert.

Tool 4: Neighbors

Once you’ve knocked on doors in the neighborhood where your listings live, you can really focus on the neighbors and their needs. For example, find out if the schools are a consideration for them. If they have children, it might be important to move at a time when it’s least disruptive to the school year. This approach can allow you to provide value in a way that matters to them, which can be a great entry point to the path for lead generation.

Tool 5: Recommendations

Reviews, testimonials, and referrals are some of the most powerful, most effective selling tools you can garner to generate new business from your present listings. But to get these recommendations, you often need to ask flat out. Try the following: 

  • Start a referral program
  • Verbally ask when you speak with clients
  • Send an email
  • Create social media campaigns that are easy to like or share

Tool 6: Numbers

When you communicate your successes to prospects, be specific with numbers. Promote the details of your current listing, such as a home getting over 5,000 views online, attracting 70 people to an open house, receiving 6 offers within 24 hours, selling in 5 days at $XXK over asking, and being your 25th listing in the last year. Numbers are your friend—they can help you tell a definitive selling story that will pique the interest of future customers. From this, you can multiply your success.

Tool 7: Partnerships

Even just a single real estate listing is a chance to forge partnerships that can lead to new business. People who know and trust you are eager to talk you up in their circle of influence. Use this to your advantage. A partnership can also result from co-branding events or cross-promotions with other business entities that increase your visibility to others. For example, offering coffee and cookies at your open house that come from the local bakery is a great way to co-promote. You promote their products; they promote your services.

There are also partnerships like one with Weichert. Contact us for more information about how an affiliation with us can help you do more business.

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