Trend vs. essential: The art of building your tech stack “wardrobe”

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As a real estate broker, staying ahead of the curve is paramount. Just like mastering the art of staging a home or anticipating market shifts, keeping your tech stack up to date is crucial for success. But with a constant barrage of new apps and digital gadgets, differentiating between passing fads and foundational tools can be tricky. Take the advice of Weichert® and start thinking about your tech stack the way you build your professional wardrobe.

Review your classic staples

Every polished wardrobe needs a foundation of timeless classics, including a dress-to-impress power suit and a crisp white shirt. The same is true for the tech stack you build for your brokerage. Make sure you have these core tools in place to streamline your workflow, elevate communication, and enhance client service:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): A robust CRM is your central hub, managing client details, nurturing leads, and keeping you organized, which is indispensable for any agent.
  • Digital marketing tools: A strong online presence is non-negotiable. In today’s market, social media schedulers, email marketing platforms, and virtual tour creators are a must-have for making a professional impact.
  • Electronic signature solutions: Gone are the days of chasing paper. E-signature platforms keep you moving efficiently and securely, allowing for seamless document signing anytime, anywhere.

Add statement pieces

With your tech staples in place, you can incorporate statement pieces that reflect your personal style and niche expertise. But not every trend will serve every brokerage, so be discerning about what truly works for your team. Think of it as the statement shoes or wristwatch of your tech stack. Here’s where and how some of the latest tech trends can come into play:

  • Virtual Reality (VR) Tours: Immerse potential buyers with VR tours, offering a unique and engaging way to showcase properties. However, VR remains an emerging technology, so consider your market and weigh the cost before investing.
  • Chat GPT: It’s an AI-based tool that could relieve some of your basic (but time-consuming) tasks, such as writing descriptions for property listings and creating marketing emails.
  • Smart home integration: Integrating smart home technology into your listings adds a futuristic touch, appealing to your most tech-savvy buyers. 

This checklist from RISMedia offers 10 things to consider when choosing and implementing technology statement pieces for your brokerage. Remember, tech should support your business objectives and further propel your success. Bells and whistles just for the sake of it can quickly become a fad gone bad.

Think fit and function over fad

Absolutely stay in the know about the latest tech trends. It keeps you informed and current. But don’t assume that you have to blindly adopt every shiny new tech tool out there. Here’s how to distinguish between a passing fad and a valuable addition to your tech stack:

  • Market needs: Is there a genuine need for this technology in your market? What problems are you trying to solve? Consider your client demographics and their pain points. Then also consider your agents. Does the tech fulfill their needs and pain points? Does it help them grow and succeed?
  • Integration: Does the new tool seamlessly integrate with your existing tech stack? How easy or difficult will it be to get everyone up and running? A poorly fitting accessory throws off the entire look, and the same goes for tech that disrupts your workflow for too long.
  • Return on investment (ROI): Will this tool generate a measurable return? Don’t be swayed by flashy features. Instead, prioritize solutions that demonstrably improve efficiency or client satisfaction and meet your business goals.

Try it on for size

When investing in wardrobe staples, you would typically try items on before making a final purchase. The same holds true for investing in tech. Ask for demos of these newfangled products and services. It’s a great opportunity to assess the value of the tech against the spend.

Weichert is happy to give you a demo of our myWeichert tech stack. Just let us know. 

Experiencing the tech in advance also helps to mitigate any pushback that you might get from your agents when it comes to migrating to a new system, which can also include establishing new workflow behavior. We’ve all heard the phrase “Change is good,” but it’s also hard to incorporate sometimes. When building your tech stack, find ways to include your agents in the decision-making process. Fit matters for the entire team.

Remember your signature style

Ultimately, your ideal tech stack, like your personal wardrobe, reflects your unique style and approach to business. By prioritizing core tools, thoughtfully incorporating trends, and focusing on fit and function, you can build a tech stack that empowers your success and positions you as a real estate leader. Remember, the goal isn’t to have the biggest, most intricate tech stack, but to curate a collection that works smartly for you, your team, and your clients.

At Weichert, we’re all about finding the perfect fit. Contact us to learn more and see how our tech can help your company thrive.

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